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Enhanced Learning and Development through Mentoring

In a recent PWC Millennials at work survey, many young professionals say they prefer to learn from mentors, and rank it as the most valuable training/development opportunity. 

Organisations are moving away from top-down development frameworks and instead empowering employees to lead their own learning, with a huge increase in demand coming from employees themselves. Organisations are moving towards creating personalised learning paths to help develop employees in their current and future roles. Mentoring as part of this development, has huge benefits to both the Mentor and the Mentee, with Mentors 5.6% more likely to receive a promotion and a pay increase and Mentees 5.3% more likely to receive a promotion and a pay increase. This approach creates a constant journey of personal self-improvement, where content is tailored to each employee and based on both personal development needs and interests.

94% of employees say they would have stayed with their organisation longer if they invested in their career development. People are your most valuable asset, so their development should be your top priority.

Organisations are also moving towards an everyday performance approach instead of the annual performance review. An everyday performance approach provides regular feedback that continually drives performance, supports development and engages individuals.

Employees who receive regular, small rewards (including acknowledgment, thanks and feedbackl) are 8x more engaged than those on an annual bonus. Organisations are now also realising that employee wellness; mental, emotional and physical is vitally important.

With my2be’s platform, mentors and mentees can provide regular feedback, set actions and objectives, and measure their progress. To learn more about how your organisation can benefit from this, visit my2be.