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How Box continues to develop under-represented talent with my2be.

Developing under-represented talent is an increasing priority for most organisations. How this is achieved though, remains a challenge. However, at Box, they are ahead of the curve, as we continue to demonstrate incredible results, developing under-represented talent through scaled Mentoring with my2be. Here we take a look at some of the latest results!

As demonstrated in the above Key Outcomes, we see a high level of:

✅ Skills Development

✅ Career progression

✅ A diverse and inclusive culture

Further insight into some of the skills developed is demonstrated below:

Talent development is a natural outcome of Mentoring, not only does this impact Mentees but Mentors as well. In fact, statistically, Mentors have a higher percentage of salary increase and promotion as a result of Mentoring. Creating opportunities, and widening networks also has a huge impact on retention, with Mentoring directly increasing retention by up to 70%! This becomes obvious, when participants are not only upskilling, developing a true sense of belonging and inclusivity, but also seeing the bigger picture of opportunities within the organisation through the network they build and the guidance of a Mentor. An example of some of the feedback from participants at Box truly captures this:

The world of work has changed forever, new practices and technologies have presented incredible opportunities but also challenges. Scaled Mentoring can help you achieve you Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Talent Development and Retention goals and should be forming a core part of any of your People Strategies. To learn more about how my2be makes this easy for you to deliver and achieve your goals, speak to the team today.