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We want to make it simple to get started with my2be. That’s why we don’t hide our pricing behind a "contact us" form. Instead, we share it openly.

Our pricing is based on three usage tiers. Quite simply, the more people you have in your organization that manage their development through our platform, the more cost-effective it gets for you.


You’re testing the water, or maybe just a smaller business or team?

Designed for up to 50 people

$500 /mo*


You’re getting pretty serious about a platform approach to mentoring and development

Designed for 51-250 people

Starting from $1000 /mo*


You’re all in. You want everyone to benefit from a super easy and powerful way to manage to manage their development!

Designed for 250 people plus

Starting from $3000 /mo*

* billed annually

Need a little extra help?

Okay, our platform is super cool, but mentoring and development is way more than just technology.

We find that many diversity and talent development teams need help designing the right program for their business. That’s where our people-first approach to mentoring comes in. If you’re struggling with figuring out where to start, we can help. We’ll work with you to design the right structure, identify the right goals, and ensure your program gets off on the right foot.

Consulting services to help you get your program launched successfully start at $5,000.