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Mentorship Training

Helping mentors and mentees to understand everything required to create a successful Mentoring relationship.

What we do

At my2be we are experts in all things Mentoring. As part of our service, we offer Mentorship training for Mentors, Mentees and Managers. Our experts provide a grounding in the basic principles of mentoring for both mentors and mentees, helping them to understand roles, expectations, and the commitment required to create a successful Mentoring relationship.


Training is delivered in 3 x 1 hour sessions. The first 2 sessions cover everything needed to create and develop a successful Mentorship. Session 3 is delivered as an ‘Office Hours’ providing any additional support required for Mentors and Mentees:

  • Session 1: Basic Principles
  • Session 2: Relationship Success
  • Session 3: Office Hours Additional Support


Training is delivered via remotely by one of our experts, such as my2be’s VP of Client Mentorship Training, Cath Brown. With over a decade of experience in coaching, mentoring and training, Cath has helped to shape and deliver training for a variety of clients across the globe.

Are you ready to help your people succeed?